About the job

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves?

We count on you to make many mistakes, before you get it right. In the face of challenges, you need to be open to learning and starting over again and again until you get it right. The good news is that working for a start-up you’ll have lots of opportunity to dream, shift directions, and try new things.

We are much more open to experimenting than the average company. And if your ideas work out you will have immense opportunity to grow. If you believe in our mission and want to learn directly from our founders, if you are not afraid to fail and roll up your sleeves, joining Occam will be the right step to accelerate your career faster than anywhere else.

We are looking for someone:

  • Creative
  • Intuitive and analytical
  • Structured and ingenious
  • Methodical and able to improvise

The job will involve:

  • Engineering of interface between macro and micro world
  • Engineering of biosensor microfluidics
  • Surface modification and characterization
  • Troubleshooting

What diversity means at Occam

We recognize the added value of having a diverse team. Please let us know in your application how you think you can enrich our working environment with a different perspective coming from your cultural background, gender, age, personality or whatever comes to mind.

Good to know: we are a recognized sponsor by the immigration authorities and can apply for your visa!

What experience do we ask?

  • 5 years lab experience (may include PhD) in mechanical engineering / micro-engineering / microfluidics
  • 3D printing or other forms of prototyping
  • At least minor (bio)chemistry experience/knowledge
  • Surface characterization tools

You won't work in a garage

Like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon we thought about starting in a garage. But since we like to be in a young, international, colourful, academic and dynamic environment we headquartered at the campus of the University of Twente. You can do lab work on site, meet weekly for physical meetings and you are free to do some work remotely.

Our team

dr. Dilu Mathew

Chief executive officer

dr. Pepijn Beekman

Chief Technology Officer

Bas Nooren

Cleanroom Engineer

dr. Sachin Nair

Cleanroom Engineer

prof. Wilfred van der Wiel

Scientific Advisor

prof. Serge Lemay

Scientific Advisor

prof. Séverine Le Gac

Scientific Advisor

dr. Richard Schasfoort

Scientific Advisor


Interested and ready to start at OccamDx? Please send your cv to pepijn@occamdx.com. If you want you can add a cover letter, it would be appreciated if you kept it concise (100 words is fine).

Email us
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